General Questions

What services does Intelvision provide?

Cable TV

What after sales support does Intelvision provide?

There are two customer service showrooms, one in Providence and one in Town. There is also a 24hr customer support call centre, and in cases where the problem cannot be resolved by the support center, a technical team will be dispatched to your location for further assistance.

Does the hardware I have purchased belong to Intelvision?

No, all hardware purchased by the customer belongs to the customer. However, all cables used during installation of any services remains the property of Intelvision

Is there a warranty on hardware purchased from Intelvision?

Yes, Intelvision provides a one year warranty period on all hardware except in the event of physical damage, natural disaster, theft or fire.

Cable TV

What do I need to do to receive Intelvision Cable TV services?

You can either visit our head office in Providence or our town office in Victoria and the sales staff will be happy to assist you. All you need to do is sign up for a subscription and in no time you'll be sitting back and enjoying the amazing choices of entertainment at your fingertips.

What type of decoders does Intelvision offer?

Intelvision sells High Definition Multi Media decoders with recording features.

How do I install the Decoder?

It's done for you! Once you subscribe for a cable tv package, a qualified installer will conduct the full installation for you and ensure that your system is running smoothly before leaving.

Do I need to buy a special television set to receive Cable Channels?

No. The digital decoder can be connected to any television set (black and white or colour).

How much does the Cable TV subscription cost?

The cost varies depending on the bouquet you choose. For more information about prices and channels, please click on CableTV menu.

It all looks very complicated. How will I know how to operate my new equipment?

Don't worry! Your qualified installer will be happy to demonstrate how your equipment operates. You will also receive a User's Manual with your decoder or you can call our 24hr call centre for assistance.

Can I have Cable TV, even if I live in an apartment complex?

Yes you can! You will initially have to get written authorization from the building owner and we could proceed from there.

Will Cable TV programs be censored?

No they will not be censored. However prior warning is given to the program content should parental guidance be required.

If I move house, can I reinstall the Cable TV system myself?

No, you can’t. You should engage a qualified installer by calling Intelvision customer service to do the installation for you. Self-installation is not permitted.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package during the month on an active subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your package during the month. However, you cannot downgrade your package during the month, only when the subscription ends.

Can I suspend my account in the middle of my subscription?

No, cable TV is a prepaid service, and therefore a suspension is not possible.


My Internet connection is slow, what is causing this?

How quickly you receive information depends on how fast the server you are connecting to is responding. For example, if yahoo.com is slow, the Web page will be slow for anyone connecting to it. You may receive a faster response if you use a proxy server. It is also a good idea to periodically clear the cache in your browser.

I can't see the Web page I uploaded. What can cause this?

Remember that in order to view your Web page, you must go to the URL « home.intelvision.org/~username » where username is the first part of your email address.

Can I hook up more than one computer to my Internet connection?

Customers who subscribe to our High Speed Internet Intel data 10 and Intel data 20 can connect up to three computers on a home network. Our cable modems are automatically configured under these packages to provide IP addresses to the additional computers. All you need to do is purchase a network hub or router, the cabling, and connect all the computers and devices together. Please note that the Intelvision Customer Contact Centre does not provide support for setting up home networks.

What software and equipment will I receive when I subscribe to any of Intelvision High Speed Internet services?

When you subscribe, we will provide you with a cable modem, Ethernet cable and USB cable it is your responsibility to ensure that your computer has an Ethernet card or an USB port.

Which type of connection should I specify when playing games online?

When playing games online, specify that you are using a TCP/IP connection on the Internet.

Which username and password do I have to enter to access the servers?

The only time that users of our cable Internet service have to enter their username and password is when they need to check their account details, check their email, upload Web pages. However, most email software programs let you save these values on setup. This way you don't have to enter them every time you want to check for new mail. Your username for email is your full email address.

What types of modems does Intelvision have for purchase?

Regular cable modem (non-wireless): SR480*
Wireless Modem: SR1300*
*The above costs exclude VAT

Do I need a voice connection in order to be able to get an internet connection?

No, a voice connection is not required to get an internet connection.

What internet packages does Intelvision offer, and how much do they cost?

Intelvision offers both unlimited internet packages and capped internet packages.

How does Intelvision bill customers for the packages?

Unlimited packages are billed on the 1st of the month. Capped packages are prepaid services, and a bill at the end the 30 day validity period will only be sent if over usage charges have been incurred.

Can I suspend my internet account?

Suspension is only permitted at the end of the month, i.e. before the next billing cycle, but not before that.


What type of hardware do I need to purchase in order to get Intelvision's telephony services?

All you need is a modem and a telephone.
Modem: SR480*
Telephone handset: SR 325* (optional)
*This price excludes VAT

How many voice packages does Intelvision offer?

Intelvision offers 3 Voice packages